Hear & Now Monterey (H&N) was established in 2020 in collaboration with local Monterey musicians Razz and Chelsea Riddle, Audio Engineer Kevin Proctor, and Videography Director Grant Kinsey. H&N was delivered into an era of live streaming and digital entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the decline of local Monterey musician gig work, H&N provided an online platform for musicians to stay engaged with the community and expand audiences with the best video and audio equipment available. After a successful 25 weekly ‘Hear & Now presents’ virtual concert series, the team became a highly sought production provider to local performing arts and non-profit organizations to live stream concerts and virtual conferences. Following the vision of growing the company, Hear & Now has now evolved into a full-service production company offering labor support/technical services alongside audio, lighting, and video equipment rental.

As events began to pick up and restrictions lifted, H&N faced the wave of event needs by offering and representing specialized design/admin services, technical talent, and a labor force ready to keep up with the demand. Alongside a growing inventory of professional audio/lighting/video/AV equipment at our Ryan Ranch warehouse, H&N proudly serves as a live event production partner to many local businesses, non-profits, hotels, performing arts organizations, and many more. We aim to elevate production quality with our talent and tools to enhance your next event and deliver a memorable experience for your guests and patrons.



We will connect you with the correct technicians using the best tools to achieve your goal. You can trust we have the experience and standards you expect. We operate with an emphasis on direct and honest communication with the intent of providing consistent results.


We hold value to the success of your events. We have achieved years of experience working on various and unique projects and events in the entertainment and hospitality industries. We have a passion for learning as much as possible and fine tuning our skills to stay on top of the game. 


We innovate. We are continuously evolving and expanding as the technology around us moves at record speed. You’ll know that the H&N team is ready for ‘what is next’ and provide future forward knowledge and equipment to modernize and take your event to the next level.


A core  of our company is elevating the expectations of quality production. All of our technicians and team members are artists or musicians. We take pride in being a part of our community and offering the same high level of production value to our local Monterey arts organizations, non-profits, and small businesses.  

Our Process

Meet the Team

Kevin Proctor
CEO/Production Manager
Alec James
Primary Technician
Angel Hernandez
Primary Technician
David Herring
Primary Technician
Emmy McColey
Administrative Support/Production Coordinator
Chelsea Riddle
Primary Technician
Sara Taylor
Primary Technician