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The landscape of live events has changed dramatically in the fast few years and the skills and equipment needed to achieve an event organizer’s vision requires more attention to detail than ever before.  We know the organizer is in charge of many moving parts outside of the technical requirements.  Allow Hear & Now to be your insurance policy that your guests will be delivered exactly what you want them to receive.  Feel confident knowing that the production components are taken care of, optimized, and in working order to help achieve the exact outcome you envisioned. 

We at Hear & Now specialize in employing a future forward approach to audio, lighting, and video using industry leading tools.  Whether you need crystal clear audio and video projection for your meeting/spoken word event, a full range sound system and rock n roll lighting for your block party/concert, a dramatic lighting design for your theatrical production, or a simple sound system for your retreat wedding, we have you covered.  We are proud to support many types of productions big or small and provide the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that we are known for.  

We specialize in:

  • Live meeting Audience (FOH) and Stage (Foldback) mixing
  • Concert FOH and MONITOR console operation
  • In-Ear monitoring mixing
  • Mix-minus audio for video
  • Wireless Systems & Frequency Management
  • Communications/Headset Management
  • Lighting console playback and operation
  • Theatrical Lighting design plot implementation
  • Static and Moving light setup and operation
  • Variable white lighting for video
  • Complete off grid battery-powered lighting setups
  • Laptops and Screen Integration
  • Screen and projector setup and operation
  • Remotes and presenter tool support
  • Logos, graphics, and slide deck support
  • Zoom integration and virtual presentations
  • Multi camera 4K video switching and live transitions
  • Tally light and Color correction live via vow latency broadcast cameras
  • Motorized lens control on tripod/camera
  • High quality H.264 codec recording
  • Live Streaming and Zoom integration
  • Graphics generation and chroma key
  • Live Streaming and Zoom integration
  • Laptops and camera integration
  • Live effects and bumpers/logos

Please reach out to us and allow us to create a customized package to help achieve your goals and vision!

E: P: (831)200-3907

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